How to Deactivate account

You can deactivate your account by following bellow steps: STEP1. Login to your account. STEP2. Click on your  ‘Account Settings’ page available by clicking on your profile picture in the top right of the website. STEP3. Bellow Account Settings Page you will find Deactivate account Option

How to delete Foursquare account

How to delete your Foursquare account To delete foursquare account: STEP 1. Login to STEP 2. Click/copy the direct removal link:


To delete you account follow these steps: STEP 1. Login to your account STEP 2. Click on your profile picture at the right-top corner. Select “Settings”. STEP 3. At the bottom you’ll see the link to delete your profile, here it is: Remember, that when you delete your account, it actually becomes “deactivated” for […]

How to delete ASK.FM account

How to delete ASK.FM account

In, you can not find i direct button to delete you account. You can request them directly to truly delete it at: Otherwise, for deactivation: STEP 1. Login to your account STEP 2. Use the link to Deactivate your account: STEP 3. Follow the instructions from the above link


Follow the bellow steps to delete account: STEP 1. Go to website STEP 2. Login to your account STEP 3. Open a new browser window or tab and go to the cancellation page:

DELETE CLASSMATES ACCOUNT was founded in 1995 to provide a way for recent high school graduates to maintain contact with their classmates, share memories and make sure that they are notified of upcoming reunions. One of the largest problems with is the fact that it charges members to communicate with one another. You might have been […]


Locanto is a very popular website for free classified ads. But if you don’t want to post ads on their website anymore, you might of course be looking for a solution to close your account. *Note: Delete your ads before you start the account removal procedure. If you don’t do this, your ads will remain […]


If you want to remove your account on Flirthookup, one of the most popular dating sites in the world, you can easily do that in the Help section of your account. STEP 1. GO TO WWW.FLIRTHOOKUP.COM and log in by entering your username and password. STEP 2.  SCROLL DOWN TO THE FOOTER OF THE PAGE and […]

How To Delete Mate1 Account

Currently there are two ways to delete your account from Mate1 website which is given below:- 1.   Delete Your Account Through Website STEP 1. Go to the following url “” and sign-in to your account. STEP 2. After you sign-in to your account click on “MY SETTINGS” which is given at left menu section. […]

HOW TO DELETE A COLLEGEBOARD ACCOUNT? is one of the most difficult account to delete. If you’re trying to remove your account, you’ll find out it’s not that easy.The Reason is I asked them several times by email to close my account, but I never received any response. Luckily, I found an alternative solution. I asked the CollegeBoard customer care team […]