How to delete whatsapp account

How to delete whatsapp account


To delete Whatsapp account you need to use the Whatsapp App as there is an option to delete your account withing the application.
Before you decide to delete your WhatsApp account, keep in mind that the account deletion is irreversible process.

Deleting your WhatsApp account will do the following:

  • Delete your account from WhatsApp.
  • Delete you from your friends’Select contact lists.
  • Delete you from all WhatsApp groups.
  • Erase your message history on your phone.
  • Delete your WhatsApp service payment information

Now lets see how to delete WhatsApp account:

STEP1.  Open your WhatsApp on your device.
STEP2. Press Menu Button.
STEP3. Go to Settings.
STEP4. Then Select Account and Press DELETE MY ACCOUNT

The final step will be to Uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile device or create another account.