Delete OkCupid Account

Delete okcupid account

Delete OkCupid Account

Delete OkCupid Account

OkCupid is a dating social network which offers member created questions and quizzes, deletion of okcupid looks to be direct and clear as they have provided the direct link for account deletion.

However deletion of okcupid account will only free your email address and not your screen name, they are keeping your screen name on their database so that no one else can register using that name once you decide to delete your account.

Now lets delete your OkCupid account,

Login to your account and go to settings page where you will see various settings including the link to delete your account.

This is the direct link for account deletion:

Because deletion is permanently and irreversible, you can decide to temporary disable your account and any time when you login back your account will be reactivated.