How to Delete Neteller Account?

NETeller is one of global online financial services that allows users to make instant and secure payments over the internet. But if you are no longer using the service, you might be considering to delete your account. In that case: You need to write a small email to their Privacy team.

I’ll show you below what to write to delete your account:


The email address in their privacy policy, where they state that you can have you account closed by sending an email to this email address.

Send them an email that looks like this:

Subject: Request to delete my account


Dear customer support of NETeller,

I have a Neteller account, but now I want to close it.
Can you do that for me please? (as indicated in the privacy policy)

Email associated to the account: [your email address]
account ID: [your account ID]

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Kind regards,
[your name]


You will received a very kind email  after 1 day , confirming that the account has been permanently closed.