How to Delete MI (XIAOMI) Account?

If you want to stop using the website, a technology website of the Xiaomi company that’s all about phones, pads and tv, I can imagine that you also want to remove your Mi account. If that’s the case, you need to follow the instructions. All it takes to remove your profile, is using the special removal link below.

STEP 1.  Go to
STEP 2 .The Delete Account will POP-UP right after login
but before you hit this button, you need to know:

NOTE: Be aware of the fact that you’re about to lose all data (incl. order history, Mi cloud data, Mi talk data, etc.)
Mark the checkbox of “Yes, I want to permanently Delete my Mi account”.

STEP 3. Send the Verification Email.
STEP 4. Copy and Paste the verification code you have received in the Email and submit the code.
STEP 5. Confirm that you want to close the account.

A message will appear: Mi account removed successfully. Your profile is now closed.