Delete Medhelp Account

Delete Medhelp Account

Delete Medhelp Account

Delete Medhelp Account

So you are looking for how to delete medhelp account, alright here you are.

MedHelp is  the pioneer in online health communities, their site connects people with the leading medical experts and others who have similar experiences.

If you want to delete your account follow this step.

On your device, open your web browser and submit a request to delete your account:

In this link, in the form opened, include your Name (MedHelp ID), the email you are using at MedHelp and at “What type of issue are you having?” Select CANCEL  MY ACCOUNT.

Then in the Subject type, DELETE MY ACCOUNT, in the description, just write shortly that you want your account to be deleted.

Then Submit your form, the MedHelp team will respond to your request and will give you feedback through the email you entered.

Please Note: Canceling your account will not remove your posts from MedHelp.